February 20, 2013

Latest Loves: Honeycomb and Hexagon Patterns

I've developed an obsession with hexagon/honeycomb patterns. Especially when in gold. I actually went to Bobo Restaurant in New York just for their interior use of hexagons pattern. As a follow-up to my earlier post, the food was actually incredible and I downed about eight of their cocktails.

A lot of people think chevron is my pattern of choice. The truth is chevron is great but honeycomb and ikat are the top two. And chevron can't even compete with an elegant link pattern. The hexagon stands out—it's shape is so unique, sharp, and unexpecting for the eye. And a space should do just that: excite you with little touches here and there—a bright ikat throw, a set of honeycomb bookshelves, or a striped carpet. Here are some of my favorite picks with honeycombs and hexagons. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board as well.

Sources: Wallpaper, pendant lamp, bracelets, soap, rings, wine rack, mirrors, candle votive, shelves, doorknob, table, lamp, tray, and rug.

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