January 18, 2013

Decor: New York Restaurants and Tight Spaces

I went to New York City last week and I'll also be going again this weekend. So I've been spending a lot of time on food blogs and sites, and of course trying out restaurants. New York City interiors are some of the most challenging to work with. They're small and very narrow. You either have a small space with high ceilings or a big space with low ceilings. And with restaurants, you need to figure how to best prioritize bar seating versus table seating. Or, how close people can sit to one another while still focusing on conversation. When it's done right, I've seen some insanely beautiful small spaces that trump any large-space restaurants Boston or Los Angeles have to offer.

While these are technically considered "commercial" spaces, they're all decorated with a cozier, more residential look. So, implementing this look into your kitchen, dining room—even bedroom—is doable. My two favorites are Resto and Bobo (haven't been here yet but it was named one of the most romantic due to it's decor and ambiance).

Bobo Restaurant: French
Those octagon shelves look even more delicious than any food in the world. I love the "found objects" look with the bright blue walls and red curtains. Extra points if you can score the fireplace table.

August Restaurant: Pan-European
I love the name of this restaurant and how it describes the atmosphere—you can enjoy New York outdoors no matter the weather. Also on my list for next time I'm in the city.

Resto Restaurant: Belgian
I actually went here and the food was amazing. The ceilings are also to-die-for. Make sure you make a trip to the men's restroom—the wallpaper is that awesome.

Isola Trattoria: Italian
This looks like a restaurant that takes reservations about 3 months in advance. But I want to dine with plants. Lots of them. And an open glass ceiling. While this one doesn't have the challenge of a smaller space, the views and unique design are definitely blog-worthy.

Pisticci Restaurant: Italian
I had a chance to grab drinks here before dinner and fell in love with the wallpaper and the big globe lights above the bar. I didn't have a chance to check out the rest of the decor but loved the initial vintage, soft look. It's very "grandma library" in the best way possible.

Experimental Cocktail Club: Drinks
On my to-do list due to the name. I love the textured ceiling and rich upholstery. Frequently you'll find wood or metal furniture in New York spots since they're smaller in frame and take up less space. I like that Experimental Cocktail Club is fearless with big upholstered pieces in a small space.

The Cleveland Restaurant: American
Another restaurant that really does the long and narrow space well. I love the big circular mirrors which add a touch of whimsical-ness. The Cleveland does shabby chic in a way that doesn't make me sick to my stomach.

Willow Road: American
Again, this place does a great job of fitting a lot of people into a long, narrow space. The reclaimed wood mixed with the neon signage and wall illustration is awesome. And the long leather upholstered booth adds the perfect touch of richness to the space.

Bill's Restaurant: Steakhouse 
This restaurant embraces the American traditional, conservative look in just the right way. Rich gold frames with dark navy walls and white table clothes. You can also tell that this is a steakhouse you'll stay at until 1:00 AM having great conversation and not feel rushed by the staff.

Image Credits: Bobo 1, Bobo 2, 3, and 4, August 1, August 2, Resto 1, Resto 2, Isola Trattoria, Pisticci, Experimental Cocktail Club, The Cleveland, Willow Road, Bill's.

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