January 22, 2013

Inspiration: The Impact of Great Wallpaper

I'm very excited to announce that I had the chance to go to Isola Trattoria in New York City this weekend and it was just as beautiful in pictures. So many plants. So many chandeliers. It's connected to the Mondrian SoHo which I also had a chance to explore while I was in search for the restroom. They have a very cool revolving bookcase door. Looking my Friday post and spending more time in fabulous restaurants, I believe even more that wallpaper can transform any space. And New York restaurants/hotels/boutiques/cupcake shops know how to use it well. I'm not talking about a light, textured paper or some simple stripes. I'm talking about jaw-dropping, overwhelming, doesn't-even-need-furniture wallpaper. I want to share with you the impact of really great, delicious wallpaper.

Sources: Black and White Link, Leopard, Bold and Blue Flowers, Golf Leaf Hydrangeas, Traditional Red Damask, Black and White Horizontal Stripe, Orange and Blue Leaves, Navy Grapevine, Jumping Gold Zebras, Pink Brushstrokes, Faded Large Poppies, Blue Zebra, Gold and White Roses, Gold Honeycomb, Red Oriental, Rainbow Ikat, Dog Silhouette, Turquoise Damask, Bamboo Gold Octagons, and Circle Square Link.