December 17, 2012

DIY: Patterned Glitter Vases

Throwing a New Year's party? If you have a plain, boring glass vase laying around, you can transform it for the holidays. And if you don't feel like being so glam and glitz all-year-long, then this upgrade is only temporary.

You'll need a glass vase, double-sided Scotch tape, and your glitter of choice. I went for a rosy pink/gold. Cut strips of the double-sided tape and wrap them around the glass vase. I did them horizontally, but you can also do them vertically, chevron, or whatever your heart desires. Once the double-sided tape has been applied, get your glitter on and sprinkle it all over the vase, rotating it so it's covered evenly. Then, shake off the excess glitter and voila, you have an upgraded vase for your New Year's eve. And if you want to go back to a clear, glass vase, just peel off the tape.

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