December 16, 2012

DIY: Be Merry Be Bright Nails

Many of you know that nail design is one of my favorite hobbies. So I felt like it was time to bring out the ole' Christmas nails. And the best part—these are pretty easy. I was able to do it while half-paying attention on the phone. You'll need a wisely-chosen base color (I went for a merry and bright red but I think bright green would also be adorbs), larger craft glitter in silver or gold, and  Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail strips in silver or gold. As you can see, I went for the gold for both glitter and nail strips. And of course a base coat and top coat.

First, take one strip from the Sally Hanson Salon Effects and cut two small Christmas trees. If you need to, you can outline it with a pen first. It will just wipe off the surface. Once you have that done, apply your base coat. Base coats do serve a purpose. They are developed to adhere to the surface of your nail more so than a regular color coat. Next you'll paint two coats of your chosen color. Once they're slightly dry, place the two Christmas trees on your ring fingers. Then, you'll want to individually place the glitter specs evenly across your nails. The glitter specs should be pretty easy to get on. If you want, you can use tweezers. Press everything down and apply a top coat—this is super important. It will prevent your polish from chipping and keep all those bright and shiny glitter specs in place. Now get to that holiday party and show your spirit!

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