December 2, 2012

DIY: Branch Twig Napkin Rings

Something about winter makes me like nature design. I'm not an earthy girl. But once the first snowfall hits, I get this weird obsession with tree branches. Countless friends—even coworkers—can quote me saying "Oh. My. God. Check out that branch. I need it. Do you think I can take it?" This is usually followed up by a "What the hell are you going to do with that branch?" That's the best part! The opportunities for a branch are endless. It's a piece of free wood in an already-cool shape! So I had a bunch of branches in my apartment and decided it was time to do something different with them. So this was my weekend project (apart from my weekend shopping adventure which will be tomorrow's post). Twig/branch napkin rings—I'm using both terms for optimal SEO. And check out my new Anthropologie gold dotted napkins in the photos below!

First, paint the cut up paper towel rolls with white paint. You'll need two coats. Then let sit and dry. Then cover the rolls with wood glue and start adding on the broken up branches. Let sit and dry. Then, once they're dry, reapply an additional coat of paint so you cover up any excess glue. Then enjoy!

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