November 14, 2012

DIY: Adorable Bow Napkin Rings

I'm excited to co-host my first Thanksgiving this year. Mostly because this means lots of table-setting and decor and great food Instagrams. So with a week away, I have a lot of time to get stratactical and think about my approach to the table. I've decided I'm a little over the whole orange and brown that normally accompanies Thanksgiving. This year I wanted it to be all about the glam. So, I've officially labeled it 'Glamgiving'. I haven't thought through too much yet, but know I want to bring in gold and white.

I was on the hunt for cute napkin ring ideas and then I realized, I had a lot of sheet metal left over from my DIY sunburst mirror. So as my first Glamgiving project, I decided to make these adorable gold, bow napkin rings.

  1. Cut three strips of sheet metal: one 3x1 inch and two 2x1 inch strips. Cut one 3-inch wire strip.
  2. Take the longest strip and bring the edges inward, to create the bow shape. You'll want the two edges to meet in the middle. Use a pen to make your bow loops rounder and bring back the shape.
  3. You'll probably notice you have a flat/back side of the bow and a front side (where the two ends meet). Take the wire and press it up against the flat/back side of the bow. Then take one of the two shorter strips and bring it to the center of the bow on the back side. Fold the two edges over to the front of the bow; this will keep the wire in place for when you use it to tie around the napkin.
  4. Then take your last strip and place it on the front of the bow, folding it over to the flat/back side of the bow. 
  5. Tie the wire around the center of your favorite napkin set and enjoy!


  1. I can't seem to find gold sheet metal anywhere. Where did you find it?

  2. Hi Julie, I found them at Blick Arts Store!