November 7, 2013

Design: Planning for an Office Re-Do

I'm getting ready for my office re-do and could not be more excited about it. Especially when I found the perfect campaign saw-horse desk that I will love forever. I scored it from a dealer in Los Angeles who had found it at a Palm Springs estate sale. And boy did I luck out. So my office has been designed around this desk.

The main priority for my office space is a wall-long pin board. It's perfect for pinning up fabrics and photos for client projects. And this way each client project can have about 2-3 feet of space. I'm also into trays where I can store things as I pull them out of my library. But I want everything to be clean, white, and simple for this.

Anyways, back to the desk, I was doing some browsing and found this Eames plastic mold chair -- but this one is a tad different. I love the rich brown of the legs -- something you don't see too often. I also love the gray and brown color of the plastic. And love how it pairs with the smoke glass of my desk. And of course throw in a sheepskin from IKEA. I'm really into dark and masculine paint colors right now. And am exploring black, gray, and teal paints. These colors won't seem so dark when I have a giant white pinboard and white rug. I'm excited.

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