March 9, 2013

Latest Loves: Creating Roomboards with Olioboard

Usually I create my roomboards and moodboards in Photoshop. It's an extremely time-consuming process but lets me have the flexibility I need/want. I was researching interior design communities and stumbled across Olioboard: an online community centered around creating roomboards. They have a roomboard dashboard with thousands of products ready to layout so you can build the look you want. They also have new "Challenges" which are themed contests. For example, "African-Inspired," "Yellow is the New Pink," and "Bed & Breakfast." The first photo is a dashboard example, and the next two photos are my submissions for two Challenges.

I'll still stick to Photoshop for most roomboards since there are more options for customizing. However, Olioboard definitely makes the process a lot quicker and easier. And the dashboard is really intuitive. I recommend checking it out—it's mostly free.

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  1. Lovely compilation, really give me good ideas for my new house. Thank you so much.