December 14, 2012

DIY: Holiday Pine Tree Napkin Rings

I swear this will be the last napkin ring project I ever post. Swear. You have my word. It's only because I've been sick and napkin rings are the easiest of easy. With that said, I'm excited to launch "The 12 Days of DIY"—a holiday-themed 12 posts for projects. The other theme across these projects will be ease and low cost. There's nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning with a DIY drive before you get an overwhelming fear of project difficulty. I hate that. Projects should not be difficult. They should be challenging—helping you learn something. But no difficult projects. Not in this blog. Ever. I'll also be having some guest posts from some of my very talented friends. (And if you have a cool project—let me know!)

Now, back to the napkin rings. Last Christmas Eve, I was in a bind to decorate a table with very limited resources (okay I was in my Jewish household back in Los Angeles, so all I had to work with were five of my very cute dogs or a menorah from the 2nd grade). I decided to go with a very "in the woods in Maine" theme. Which is all I really know about Maine. There are woods. This is a very simple DIY—I used pine leaves and berries with a red ribbon for a down-to-earth look, literally. I won't bore you with instructions. But I love this look for a classic Christmas table. There doesn't always need to be gold :). You can quote me on that, too.

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