November 21, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

Last week I was inspired by this DIY chalkboard paint wine glasses project on Pinterest. It looked easy, cute, and I truly believe in cooties so this helps solve glass mix-up. So, I picked up some cheap wineglasses (also shameful to say, my first full-size wine glasses). I'm excited to break these out for Thanksgiving and you'll notice I already have my Thanksgiving sangria ready to go in the pics. And my air plants have finally arrived (see background).

If you have a larger paint can, you can dip the glasses in, removing the risk of bubbles and streaks. Unfortunately, my can was too small for dipping and I found that my paint brushes were causing streaks. So I resorted to Q-tips which did the trick. You may need two coats. If you're unsure, hold the painted glass bottom up to the light so you can see where you're missing paint. Don't forget to write your name on it and enjoy! Editor's note: "Rachel" was not actually present for making of wine glasses.

1 comment:

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